Go Planet!

For those of you who are still in the dark (ironic but get it? lol), I shall spare some time to shed some light upon you life. Tonight people from around the world will observe this significant 1 hour event in a bid to build a sustainable future on this dear planet of ours.

I think by now you’d have realised the vast climate change this few weeks/months, the heavy downpours coupled with the scorching Sun. All these are the effects of global warming and what not.

If you ask me, I’d say that this is a commendable initiative by WWF in raising awareness about these climate issues that are becoming more prominent as the days go by. 60 minutes can make a huge difference.

Participate and show your support for our dear planet. Don’t ever think that you are too insignificant to make a contribution. Do you part, won’t you? šŸ™‚

I feel like I’ve just made a speech but I think you get the gist of it. You might think this whole idea if plain crazy but look around and observe the climate, I think that alone can speak for itself.



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More than Meets the Eye

I was reading this intriguing article pertaining to the latest video by Lady GaGa Feat. Beyonce, “Telephone”. It makes the whole video much clearer than my initial perception.

Apparently, underneath the seemingly random set of clips, clothes, actions and lyrics, there are traces of symbolism and signs that an average Joe may fail to realize on face value.

Since I haven’t really done much research on this topic, I’m in no position to comment if the article is credible or if the facts are true.

However, for the benefit of those who are interested. It might turn out to be an eye-opening read after all.

Someone once told me, the world isn’t in black or white rather, it’s in shades of grey. It just goes to show that not everything is as it seems, so don’t be oblivious to your surroundings, especially to what you’re exposed to by the media. They are, after all, the gatekeepers who decides what the masses get to see or hear.

All you have to do is to discern and judge for yourself and if the pieces fit, viola!

Hidden Meanings in “Telephone”

Reading this article might spark your curiosity, so if you are interested to read up more, perhaps you’d like to try reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. You’ll never know if the book on the part about the secret society is true to a certain extent.

Do keep an open mind.

Hope you find this interesting šŸ™‚

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Lady GaGa Feat. Beyonce – Telephone

So finally, the long awaited music video is out! The news was all over Twitter, guess it must have built up a lot of hype in these few months. It’s a 9 minute video, so technically speaking since the song is only about 4 minutes long, there should be a storyline to go along with it. I bet there’ll be a 3rd sequel because this is a continuation of Paparazzi.

My lil sister’s a HUGE GaGa fan, so we set aside some time to watch the much talked about video. As the video played, an observant viewer would notice that the video has tons of product placement. Do look out for that. Oh and if anyone understand the video, please do explain it to me because it’s a bunch of random stuff stringed together in an odd way.

Warning: NSFW and kids under 16, keep your cursor off the following word. I AM SERIOUS.

“Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.”


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Seems like Apple has finally launched its much anticipated product – the iPad. Yes, you heard me right. I’m not really into the product but basically it’s a larger version of the iPhone, or so I heard.

The thing that got everyone talking aobut the iPad would be it’s very er, interesting product name. I mean, they have the iPad, then what’s next? The iTampon or the iPad Maxi? Oh come on. Guess what, the iTampon even became a trending topic on Twitter! I must say, lunch time certainly has gotten a tad more interesting today.

If you take this from another perspective, maybe this product launch didn’t fail after all. You see, Apple managed to get everyone talking about its product, whether they are even interested in purchasing it is another point altogether but it created hype, LOADS of it. Apple is great at creating buzz, just look at the iPhone launch. The next thing you know, everyone around you owns a set of iPhone.

I don’t really know whether the iPad will be a hit amongst their target audience but I have to commend their ‘publicity stunt’ if it was an intended thing.

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Had U-Tribe yesterday at Pulau Ubin with KEL Zone and it was a resounding success! There were 12 Teams/Tribes of Israel each with about 7-9 members. I had the chance to lead the Benjamin Tribe!

Yes, it’s been a long time since I went crazy and ran around. It did feel good like I was releasing the stress I had buried in me. Also, it was my first time at Pulau Ubin, don’t laugh!

There were several stuff that got me thinking/I didn’t know about.
1. Oh so there are people living there
2. Pulau Ubin is quite BIG
3. How can anyone survive without a bus/MRT?
4. This doesn’t look one bit like Singapore
5. Was I in a foreign land?
6. I freaking washed my hands in murky brown water
7. I so can’t imagine myself living there
8. Why are the toilets located so far away?
9. The rental for the bicycles is cheap though ($2)

Don’t call me princess or anything, I bravely sucked it up without complaining much (except for the water bomb part, explain that later). These were just some stuff going through my mind.

I had a great time knowing my tribe members and I’m glad they were enthusiastic, supportive and cooperative as a tribe. So proud of them.

The mass game was the craziest one. Water bomb. Let me tell you this, they aren’t any ordinary water bombs, when I saw that they were colourful, two things came to mind. One, after a long run, finally something to drink! Two, what kinda concoction did they come up with?!

Should have known, sea water, soy sauce, ink, egg yolk, flour and any other weird stuff you can think of.

There I was, sitting so quietly looking around when suddenly someone stood behind me and said “Hi Shirley”. The next thing I knew, some liquid landed on my head and I began to reek. Yeah, imagine that. He did it twice! Second time, it landed right smack on my back. Boy was it painful. Thanks Kelvin. Haha.

It was all in the name of fun. Everyone was running around with the colourful water bombs and you can probably guess how bad everyone smelt after the game. All in all, I had fun and I also became two tones darker. The mosquitoes didn’t spare me either. My legs feel wobbly and the muscle aches have kicked in. HAHAHA.

I’d like to thank Kevin, Zaccheus, ChinMing, Kevin, Tania and Angel for helping me out. You guys are awesome! Hope to see you around aite šŸ™‚

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26 NOVEMBER 2009.
It was a bittersweet experience traveling to school this week, knowing it’s the final week before we enter the real world. It’s not like I’m graduating tomorrow or something but it was the very last time I’m going to SP to attend normal lessons.

I kinda felt the pinch on Tuesday (24Nov), when I reached campus at 730am to prepare myself for PP CA2 interview. I doubt I ever gone to school that early alone before. The feeling was great. No crowds, no rush, no distractions, just me walking all by myself thinking, reflecting. I seldom take slow walks to School of Business.

While walking, I was thinking through the 3 years, people I’ve met, known, forgotten, don’t wanna remember. There were so many places in school where memories were created. That thought made me smile for a while.

Then as I looked up at the big red “I want I can @ SP” banner, I can’t help but to think of the friendships that were made and how it progressed. However, there were some memories, I really don’t wish to relive.

I guess, my experience in school was awesome. I didn’t regret taking the polytechnic route at all. It did open my eyes to the real world and how’s everything is in shades of grey.

I’ll miss you guys, lecturers, course mates and classmates.
I had fun.

Year 1
Year 2Year 3 – DMC 3B05
Entire cohort!

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I survived Friday the 13th!

I can’t believe in this day and age, I could actually forget to bring my mobile phone out with me. There are several electronic devices I can never leave home without, namely my iPod Classic, my HTC Touch Diamond 2 and my Sony T300 camera. Apparently, I forgot my phone on the fateful Friday the 13th.

The strangest part was I didn’t realise it till I was in the train en route to campus. I begun searching through my bag franctically hoping that my precious is not lost, only to realise that yes, I left it on the dining table. Great.

My reflex thought was: “I got to so tweet thing NOW”. It was a -smack forehead- moment because my phone’s not with me to tweet and it’s not logical to whip out my laptop for an eight minute train ride to Jurong East. It sure did feel like the beginning of a bad day.

I was supposed to be in school early for the class phototaking session and I didn’t know where’s the venue. How awesome right? I closed my eyes and mumbled a prayer before the train reached Dover station. I was right on time and luckily, Stella was waiting at the station! You have no idea how relieved I was there and then.

The rest of the day was quite a breeze because my brain didn’t fail me when I wanted to recall some phone numbers. With the help of Twitter, Facebook and MSN Messenger, contacting people via social media proved to be pretty much possible.

That got me thinking, do we still spend a lot of time using our mobile phones to make phone calls or are we using it to access social media websites? Yes, one can always argue that a mobile phone’s main purpose is for making calls especially during emergencies. Other than that, most of your friends are connected to you one way or another via social media.

Even so, we use mobile phones to go online because, well, it’s mobile. It takes away the hassle of switching on your laptop just to check an update.

It so happened that it was an emergency-free day and I survived!

Random thought.
The main purpose of mobile phones might become diluted one day~

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