My take on Twitter

Well for NCT lecture, we had a special guest speaker who came and spoke to us about the importance of Twitter and how it can be part of your everyday life. She’s a freelance writer (Stephie Says) who owns a blog shop (Stephie’s Shop) and is also the co-founder of a local fashion blog (Fashion Nation).

I’d say, everyone would wanna have her kind of lifestyle. Being paid to write stuff and she even gets invited to go overseas to cover certain events. I didn’t know blogging can get you quite far. Interesting career ain’t it?

I can’t help but agree that Twitter is indeed becoming an integral part in our lives. I personally joined Twitter exactly 2 months ago and to date, I have 1,067 tweets! Don’t be scared okay? HAHA. I used to have the misconception that Twitter is for people to update others on the little stuff that happen in their daily lives. E.g. I need to pee. Yes, I thought the whole idea was ridiculous.

Nevertheless, I got hooked. I did try psycho-ing a few of my friends to join Twitter so we can follower each other and make Twitter interesting but it kind of backfired though some of them did try for a few days. Luckily, my classmates have Twitter accounts then, so it was an instant hit for me.

Then one day, I saw a baby bat lying on the road in broad daylight (I don’t know if it was dead) and I badly wanted to Tweet about it. It kind of tweaked my heartstrings. It was because of that incident, I decided to join (no more new sign ups) where I can tweet on the go by sending an text message to a local number and it updates your Twitter account directly. Awesome right?

Maybe you should be more active on your accounts too. Please don’t tweet nonsense and spam your friend’s update list. At least let it be beneficial information for someone out there. There’s so much more about Twitter that I want to say but I’ll leave it to another day. Information overload already.


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