I survived Friday the 13th!

I can’t believe in this day and age, I could actually forget to bring my mobile phone out with me. There are several electronic devices I can never leave home without, namely my iPod Classic, my HTC Touch Diamond 2 and my Sony T300 camera. Apparently, I forgot my phone on the fateful Friday the 13th.

The strangest part was I didn’t realise it till I was in the train en route to campus. I begun searching through my bag franctically hoping that my precious is not lost, only to realise that yes, I left it on the dining table. Great.

My reflex thought was: “I got to so tweet thing NOW”. It was a -smack forehead- moment because my phone’s not with me to tweet and it’s not logical to whip out my laptop for an eight minute train ride to Jurong East. It sure did feel like the beginning of a bad day.

I was supposed to be in school early for the class phototaking session and I didn’t know where’s the venue. How awesome right? I closed my eyes and mumbled a prayer before the train reached Dover station. I was right on time and luckily, Stella was waiting at the station! You have no idea how relieved I was there and then.

The rest of the day was quite a breeze because my brain didn’t fail me when I wanted to recall some phone numbers. With the help of Twitter, Facebook and MSN Messenger, contacting people via social media proved to be pretty much possible.

That got me thinking, do we still spend a lot of time using our mobile phones to make phone calls or are we using it to access social media websites? Yes, one can always argue that a mobile phone’s main purpose is for making calls especially during emergencies. Other than that, most of your friends are connected to you one way or another via social media.

Even so, we use mobile phones to go online because, well, it’s mobile. It takes away the hassle of switching on your laptop just to check an update.

It so happened that it was an emergency-free day and I survived!

Random thought.
The main purpose of mobile phones might become diluted one day~


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