26 NOVEMBER 2009.
It was a bittersweet experience traveling to school this week, knowing it’s the final week before we enter the real world. It’s not like I’m graduating tomorrow or something but it was the very last time I’m going to SP to attend normal lessons.

I kinda felt the pinch on Tuesday (24Nov), when I reached campus at 730am to prepare myself for PP CA2 interview. I doubt I ever gone to school that early alone before. The feeling was great. No crowds, no rush, no distractions, just me walking all by myself thinking, reflecting. I seldom take slow walks to School of Business.

While walking, I was thinking through the 3 years, people I’ve met, known, forgotten, don’t wanna remember. There were so many places in school where memories were created. That thought made me smile for a while.

Then as I looked up at the big red “I want I can @ SP” banner, I can’t help but to think of the friendships that were made and how it progressed. However, there were some memories, I really don’t wish to relive.

I guess, my experience in school was awesome. I didn’t regret taking the polytechnic route at all. It did open my eyes to the real world and how’s everything is in shades of grey.

I’ll miss you guys, lecturers, course mates and classmates.
I had fun.

Year 1
Year 2Year 3 – DMC 3B05
Entire cohort!

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