Had U-Tribe yesterday at Pulau Ubin with KEL Zone and it was a resounding success! There were 12 Teams/Tribes of Israel each with about 7-9 members. I had the chance to lead the Benjamin Tribe!

Yes, it’s been a long time since I went crazy and ran around. It did feel good like I was releasing the stress I had buried in me. Also, it was my first time at Pulau Ubin, don’t laugh!

There were several stuff that got me thinking/I didn’t know about.
1. Oh so there are people living there
2. Pulau Ubin is quite BIG
3. How can anyone survive without a bus/MRT?
4. This doesn’t look one bit like Singapore
5. Was I in a foreign land?
6. I freaking washed my hands in murky brown water
7. I so can’t imagine myself living there
8. Why are the toilets located so far away?
9. The rental for the bicycles is cheap though ($2)

Don’t call me princess or anything, I bravely sucked it up without complaining much (except for the water bomb part, explain that later). These were just some stuff going through my mind.

I had a great time knowing my tribe members and I’m glad they were enthusiastic, supportive and cooperative as a tribe. So proud of them.

The mass game was the craziest one. Water bomb. Let me tell you this, they aren’t any ordinary water bombs, when I saw that they were colourful, two things came to mind. One, after a long run, finally something to drink! Two, what kinda concoction did they come up with?!

Should have known, sea water, soy sauce, ink, egg yolk, flour and any other weird stuff you can think of.

There I was, sitting so quietly looking around when suddenly someone stood behind me and said “Hi Shirley”. The next thing I knew, some liquid landed on my head and I began to reek. Yeah, imagine that. He did it twice! Second time, it landed right smack on my back. Boy was it painful. Thanks Kelvin. Haha.

It was all in the name of fun. Everyone was running around with the colourful water bombs and you can probably guess how bad everyone smelt after the game. All in all, I had fun and I also became two tones darker. The mosquitoes didn’t spare me either. My legs feel wobbly and the muscle aches have kicked in. HAHAHA.

I’d like to thank Kevin, Zaccheus, ChinMing, Kevin, Tania and Angel for helping me out. You guys are awesome! Hope to see you around aite 🙂


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