Seems like Apple has finally launched its much anticipated product – the iPad. Yes, you heard me right. I’m not really into the product but basically it’s a larger version of the iPhone, or so I heard.

The thing that got everyone talking aobut the iPad would be it’s very er, interesting product name. I mean, they have the iPad, then what’s next? The iTampon or the iPad Maxi? Oh come on. Guess what, the iTampon even became a trending topic on Twitter! I must say, lunch time certainly has gotten a tad more interesting today.

If you take this from another perspective, maybe this product launch didn’t fail after all. You see, Apple managed to get everyone talking about its product, whether they are even interested in purchasing it is another point altogether but it created hype, LOADS of it. Apple is great at creating buzz, just look at the iPhone launch. The next thing you know, everyone around you owns a set of iPhone.

I don’t really know whether the iPad will be a hit amongst their target audience but I have to commend their ‘publicity stunt’ if it was an intended thing.


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