Lady GaGa Feat. Beyonce – Telephone

So finally, the long awaited music video is out! The news was all over Twitter, guess it must have built up a lot of hype in these few months. It’s a 9 minute video, so technically speaking since the song is only about 4 minutes long, there should be a storyline to go along with it. I bet there’ll be a 3rd sequel because this is a continuation of Paparazzi.

My lil sister’s a HUGE GaGa fan, so we set aside some time to watch the much talked about video. As the video played, an observant viewer would notice that the video has tons of product placement. Do look out for that. Oh and if anyone understand the video, please do explain it to me because it’s a bunch of random stuff stringed together in an odd way.

Warning: NSFW and kids under 16, keep your cursor off the following word. I AM SERIOUS.

“Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.”



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2 responses to “Lady GaGa Feat. Beyonce – Telephone

  1. yes, there was so much product placement! advertisement has worded it’s way in to pretty much everything. When it came to the plot I was also lost- all that I could gather was that gaga was a criminal who was bailed out by beyonce, then they went to poison her boyfriend. I didn’t understand why they had to kill the whole diner but whatever. Awesome dancing and costumes anyways.

  2. exactly. the thing about product placement is, when you gotta fit it in, you gotta fit it in, no matter how odd it makes the entire video. the plot is random, i must say.

    yes, i couldn’t agree more on the awesome dance steps. i’m pretty amazed that beyonce actually went along with it. 🙂

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