Shirley Michelle

A warm welcome from me to you.

You can address as Shirley or Michelle and I’m from Sunny Singapore. Here’s a little bit more about myself. I’m a bubbly girl who smiles a lot (it’s in my blood!), I guess I’d be able to make your day a jolly happy one too ♥

I’m doing a Diploma in Media and Communication at Singapore Polytechnic. I’m already in my third and final year of this course of study. So far, I must say, I’ve learnt a lot about the Media industry. It’s really above and beyond what you see on teevee.

I’m a self proclaimed social media junkie because I have accounts on many of the social media sites. I kid you not. I’m even juggling between two blogs right now, excluding Tumblr. I’ve put up the links in the ‘Must Visit!’ page, so feel free to browse around and get to know me better.

Hope to hear from you real soon! ♥

Shirley Michelle